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Thursday, August 22, 2019

The end of small plates: why the dinner-ruining dishes may finally be over

The trend for small-plate menus in restaurants has tested friendships and defied logic. They have to go – here’s whyThe news that Russell Norman’s Polpo restaurant group is...

How to Choose the Right European River Cruise for You

Planning your first European river cruise? Picking a waterway, dates, and budget seem easy enough. Then you find there's an overwhelming choice of boats out there, and with seemingly similar appearances, routes, amenities—even...

Bed-hopping and bunnies: The Favourite and the radical remake of the period drama

The once stuffy genre has been given a reboot, with emotional truth as important as historical fidelityModern Toss on period dramasAs Oscar season hots...

Throw in the towel: is air-drying your face better for your skin?

Many argue that towels spread bacteria and air-drying leaves skin clearer. We ask the experts if it’s really more hygienic to let the air do the work after washing

The Rise Of Reproductive Technology Amid Falling Fertility Rates

Most developed countries are facing what is called an aging population. Countries like Japan, USA, UK, and other European countries classified as developed countries have populations with longer life spans but a...

Chancellor offers £3bn fix for Britain’s ‘broken housing market’

Philip Hammond’s spring statement includes funding to build 30,000 affordable homesA new £3bn scheme will fund the building of 30,000 affordable homes, the chancellor has said, as he...

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