Infinix has been one of the top mobile companies in Pakistan. It has released numerous models that have great features and capabilities. Hence, with the newer versions out, the prices also vary. The Infinix Note 30 price in Pakistan is set to be reasonable for the features that it provides to users. If you are looking to purchase a new phone then getting the Infinix Note 30 will not be a bad choice. You can get more information about this phone by reading below. 

The features and Infinix Note 30 price in Pakistan 

Infinix Note 30 was launched on May 22, 2023, and caught the eyes of numerous at once. You can get a lot of different and cool features by having this phone. It is up to date with the latest programming and other qualities such as the camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and audio. It brings about a great change to the overall set of mobile phones due to its new elements. Moreover, the Infinix Note series has been a popular choice amongst the users. 

The design of these phones is elegant and also creates a charming outlook. Moreover, the price suits well with the functioning of the phone. The Infinix Note 30 price in Pakistan is Rs. 50,000. The excellent features and quality outcomes are given below. 

Fast charging 

The Note 30 is designed to provide you with fast charging every time you plug it in. It gives you seamless charging which is suitable for all situations. The power charge is 45 Watts which can easily charge a 5000 mAh battery. You can get 75% within 30 minutes. This is 25% higher than a traditional charger point and makes your battery stay for longer too. 

Due to its unique charging capabilities, you can also use this phone as a charge to charge up other devices. The battery stays for a long and does not die out even while playing video games or when having a video call. It lives up to the moment at all times. 


The display of this phone is great. It provides a stunning display 24/7 with great graphics and visuals. The color representation is also the best with vibrant rays. With the latest system updates, you will be able to get the quickest refresh rates as well. The finishing of the Note 30 is done with glass which provides a lavish look. 

Camera quality 

The camera quality of this phone is also amazing. It clicks clear pictures with amazing resolution. The camera has 64 MP which ensures high pixels and ultra clear vision. You can easily take pictures during midnight and have a great picture at hand. 

Practicing photography with this camera is ideal because it is the best fit for all kinds of photography skills. The selfie camera is 16 MP which gives you clean selfie pictures at every click. The Infinix Note 30 price in Pakistan is set perfectly with the camera quality feature. 


The Infinix Note 30 in Pakistan is said to be great for users who want to have ideal features in all aspects. The audio sound quality of this phone is also high which can spread music all around the room with ease. The functioning is quick and does not cause any glitches when using it too much. The store is infinite which means you can download all kinds of games and apps that you like. 

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